To all our donors, supporters, and interested parties,

We are just completing our very first year as an official charitable organization (recognized as 501(c)(3)), and what a year it was! Many great things were accomplished and many great things to come! For those that follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.), you have seen our impacts on helping vulnerable children and victimized women in Africa through our various partners. Truly, our work has just begun! Please consider following us via these media platforms, or on our website, which has regular updates on our new blog page. Or feel free to contact me at any time, via call, text, or email to inquire more or see how you can be involved. This is truly a teamed effort, and we are together making a difference in extreme less fortunate lives.

Some of the heartfelt things we were able to accomplish this year were:

    • Provided (and personally participated in and witnessed) in the distribution of food, clothing, shoes, school materials and uniforms, ETC. to 84 vulnerable and orphaned children (in this case, I term “the forgotten ones”) in the Dedza Region and village of Malawi (Africa);
    • Provided monies for employment of Ruth Chaima on the ground to daily/regularly care (in all aspects of mental, physical, and spiritual development) for these orphaned children in Dedza;
    • Provided (and personally participated in and witnessed) the inaugural “Mission Experience” in the Mulenga Compound of Kitwe, Zambia; this Mission Experience brought 352 orphaned and vulnerable children to this conference where we enjoyed songs, dance, food, and spiritual nourishment to these precious needy children- a very memorable experience for all;
    • Provided microfinance loans (seed capital) and business training for victimized women in Blantyre, Malawi, Bauleni, Zambia, and Mulenga, Zambia with very encouraging reports back to date of phenomenal success and sustainability;
    • Provided for Healing Hearts Academy (a new school to support the vulnerable children of the Mulenga Compound (Zambia) who have not had the opportunity to attend school till now) with school materials (textbooks, paper, pens, workbooks, etc.), school uniforms, desks for students and teachers, lockers, teaching materials for teachers (including laptops), rentals for the school, ETC. for 216 beautiful children;
    • Recently provided support for extremely vulnerable girls who have been the victims of sexual and physical abuse- many of whom are young mothers (including our recent ministry to Ellen who gave birth to Prince at age 12 after being raped by an older man she was “sold to” by her grandmother); said support includes counselling, childcare, and support to return to school; this ministry is taking place currently in Blantyre, Malawi but we hope to expand this very much needed and important outreach;

I honestly hope some of this noble and committed work we are labouring for inspire you all to stay engaged with our quest to help these extreme less fortunate ones of our planet as we fervently aspire to continue this work.


Timothy A. Peloquin

Founder – Promised Land Foundation

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